About Me


My name is Emma Vigor and I am the Founder of Vigor Volunteer Management Training or VVM Training for short.

I have been working in the third sector for the last 2-3 years managing volunteers, as well as 1 year as President of a Society at University. This means that I have extensive knowledge of how best to advertise roles, recruit, interview and support volunteers.

I want to pass on that knowledge to like minded folk, as well as lead other useful training sessions! That’s why VVM Training was created! Founded in 2017, we hope to go from strength to strength.

I will be writing posts about our set up as well as any sessions I lead in the future. So please share and help me build up my portfolio.

Bye for now!

AVM and other bits

Another exciting day at VVM HQ.

Yesterday, I had an email saying I will be invited in for an interview about my course in early September. That gives me plenty of time to come up with literature, and more “lesson plans” for the micro-teaching sessions within those 12 weeks. It will also allow me to live by the 6 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance.

Also, at my current day job, I have been told that they may help me become a member of the Association of Volunteer Managers. So as well as the obvious of saving money, I will be able to network with other Volunteer managers, attend extra training session and conferences and (even better) belong to a Professional body as a member!

As always, please go and visit the Upcoming training link above to see what is coming up and click the links to sign up!

Busy. Volunteers. Phone calls.

So the last week has been very busy. I have been my own manager for a week. I have had phone calls, one after the other, over and over again. Discussing referrals. Sorting out issues with volunteers. Making sure our service is running properly.

BACK TRACK. I don’t know if I have told you what my day job is… well, I coordinate a befriending service. This means meeting service users and matching up with specific volunteers, the volunteers that I manage.

Any way, in amongst all this craziness at work, I decided- I am applying to become a member of the Association of Volunteer Managers. (See link.) This would give me connections to even more volunteer managers, and to conferences so I can keep any future training up-to-date. (Please note: if you are a volunteer manager and want to get in contact, email me via the contacts page.)

I have also made some of my paperwork. General template. Invoices. I even finished my recruitment webinar- speech and all. Very exciting… things are slowly going my way.



Today is being quite a productive day for me. Whilst I wait to start my Level 3 training, I am writing up training of my own. I am going to be hosting a series of webinars. They will be snapshots of what we use in the day course and even better it will be FREE!

I am currently sat writing out what I will need to include for the VVM Volunteer Recruitment webinar! The topics to be included are: advert writing, where to advertise and how will you advertise.

The webinar will hopefully be interactive (I still need to get my head around the software) and will include a Q&A session. As well as being led by myself, I will be looking at your experiences too. Have your written adverts before and have they worked? Were you a volunteer who found the recruitment process too long and hard? Let me know!

Webinar starts at 7pm on Sat 30th Sept.

Hope to see you there…



Hump day into Happy day…

I wonder how many of you ever feel like you have flat-lined? Things not going the way they should be? Well I have been having one of those weeks.

Seeing so many people, including close friends and family, taking that next step in their lives. New houses. New jobs. First babies. Suddenly, I had that light bulb moment. I changed from “Why isn’t that me?” to “What do I need to do to make that me?”.

So here I am with exciting news! I am hoping to start my Level 3 award in Education and Training in September. I have found a course, held over 12 weeks, every Thursday evening at a local college. Furthermore, it isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. I have seen the same course with a cost double of the one I am hoping to enrol on.

Now I know what you’re wondering, you are asking yourself “but what has this got to do with VVM?”. Well, once I gain this qualification I can lead a training session if I have completed the level 3 (or higher) equivalent qualification or have considerable experience in a subject. Yay!

Let’s change the Wednesday hump day into a happy day!